Chinese New Year Celebration at Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu!

Chinese New Year Special Buffet Dinner at Promenade Cafe

Let the 2022 Chinese New Year feast begin! Promenade Café is launching Chinese New Year Special Buffet Dinner featuring a wide variety of ‘good luck’ dishes for this festive season. 

The Special Buffet Dinner are available on 31 January, 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 February 2022, priced at RM139 nett per adult with early bird voucher at RM119 nett per adult available for purchase until 26 January 2022.

Chef Loo and his team have created several buffet menus with high dishes like Prosperity Fruity & Healthy “Yee Sang”, Braised Special Bean Curd with Seafood & Abalone in Claypot, Steamed Whole “Giant Grouper”, Laksa Sarawak with Fresh Water Prawn, Whole Cantonese BBQ Lamb and many more Chinese New Year dishes. A dedicated counter comprising of Prosperity Fruity & Healthy Yee Sang, is made available for diners to perform Prosperity Toss to boost good luck and prosperity.

Another indulgence that should not be missed is the Braised Special Bean Curd with Seafood & Abalone in Claypot, a prerequisite dish for Chinese New Year. The next first thing that will catch your attention is the seafood on ice. It has a fine selection of Fresh Prawn, New Zealand Mussel, Half Shell Scallop, Fresh Oyster, Sliced Abalone, Fresh Sashimi Salmon, Crayfish and many more.

The menu prepared by Chef Loo and his team is vast and includes plenty of hot Chinese staples as well as Malay & Western like Braised Yee Mee with Fresh Water Prawn, Laksa Sarawak with Fresh Water Prawn, Roasted Boneless Chicken Roulade with Plum Sauce, Roast Duck Confit with Orange Sauce, Steamed “Corn Fed Chicken” with Turkey Slice & Hong Kong Kalian in Abalone Sauce, Pan Seared Salmon Fish with Chinese BBQ Sauce, Deep Fried Slipper Lobster with Cream Cheese Sauce and many more.

Under the Craving Station, you can expect Steamed Whole “Giant Grouper” and specially Whole Cantonese BBQ Lamb to be served. Be spoilt for seafood & meat choices at Promenade Signature BBQ Station which offers fresh Tiger Prawn, Chicken Chop, Lamb Cutlet, Beef Steak, Local Fishes, Assorted Sausages, New Zealand Mussels, Scallop and many more ready to be cooked to order.

Providing an aptly sweet finish are Chinese New Year desserts like Deep Fried “Nian Kao” with Sweet Potato & Yam, Shanghai Pancake and many more.

Chinese New Year Special Buffet Dinner

Dates: 31 January, 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 February 2022

Price: RM 139 nett (Adult) | RM 70 nett (Child, 6-12 years old)

Early Bird Voucher: RM 119 nett (Adult) – for purchase until 26th January 2022

Prosperity Chinese New Year Set Menu at Dynasty Chinese Restaurant 

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Dynasty Chinese Restaurant’s eight-course set menus beholding traditional Cantonese favourites. Carefully crafted by Chef Lim and his culinary team, the elaborate spread of mouth-watering dishes includes Steamed Tiger Grouper with Garlic &Shimeji Mushrooms, Chef Special Steamed Chicken, Deep Fried Sea Prawns with Salted egg, Braised Black Mushrooms & Gluten Puff, Oriental Fried Grain Rice with Turkey Slice and others. This Set Menu is perfect for company dinner or “Sau Kong”, priced at RM 568 for 5 persons serving and it is available from 10th January until 15th February 2022 except on 31st January 2022. 

Treasure Pot at Dynasty Chinese Restaurant 

Treasure Pot or “Poon Choi” is a traditionally intricate dish comprising indulgent ingredients like fish maw, dried scallops, Japanese scallop meat, spider conch meat, sea prawns, roasted duck and more. It is available for 1 day advance order at price of RM 288 per pot of 5 persons serving and RM 338 for take-away with claypot. Also available in a bundle of set menu of additional 4 dishes consist of Braise Fish Lip Soup, Thai Style Deep Fried Prawns with Abalone & Jellyfish, Fried Rice with Crab Meat and Chilled Longan with Wolfberries & Mixed Fruits at RM 518. Treasure Pot is available for ordering from 10th January until 15th February 2022 except on 31st January 2022 except on 31st January 2022. 

Healthy Salmon “Yee Sang” at Dynasty Chinese Restaurant 

Let’s kick off a prosperous new year by raising your chopsticks and “Loh Hei” to boost good luck and prosperity with exciting our Healthy Salmon “Yee Sang”. Priced at RM68 per medium portion and RM108 per large portion. 

Ballroom Dim Sum at Rafflesia Ballroom

Making a return this year is the all-time favourite is Ballroom Dim Sum available on 1, 3 & 4 February 2022 from 8am until 2:30pm. With assortment of 27 types of dim sum available, Ballroom Dim Sum at Promenade Hotel is the best place to have breakfast or brunch on the first few days of Chinese New Year holiday with family and friends. Expect Gods of Fortune to make auspicious appearance on the 1st day of Chinese New Year to “sprinkle luck” to patrons, an event not to be missed. May luck and good fortune follow with every spin of our “Wheel of Fortune” game. Eligible participants can stand to win instant prizes.Come and celebrate this festive Chinese New Year month at Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu with great comfort and safe environment that will not disappoint you. Early reservations are highly recommended for the for new normal table arrangement. For reservations and more details, kindly call 088-252 396.

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