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We are almost at the end of 2020. Where it will be known as the year of Covid-19. The year when most people learn to work from home. Kindergarten to secondary school children and even universities students have to self-studies from online schooling and classes. The year we all need to stay at home and learn the new norm. The year countries have to enforced lockdown. The year Covid-19 is born and messed up our usually way of life.

Yup! Pandemic Covid-19 have really affected the whole world in terms of political, economy, social, religious and financial. Most industries have to temporary closed down especially Travel and Tourism Industry. And one way to prevent the virus from spreading further out, countries all over the world enforced travel restrictions. Borders between countries are closed, thus resulting any activities between countries halted and travelers have to cancel their trip or delay it. 

For some 'hard-core' travelers, restrictions on traveling with limited budget not a barrier to them to do their favorite activity. This is because traveling is the most entertaining way to meet new 'friends' and explore new places. But now traveling not really suitable to do during this pandemic situation, because we must distant ourself with other people to reduce the risk being infected. People need to find way where they can enjoy their holiday, near home, within states or country instead of traveling far away or cross countries. Yes Staycation! A new way to traveling in this new norm. 

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Staycation is the combination of the words "stay" and "vacation". The terms were originally from the United States where people are forced to restricted their expenses and consequently limit their vacation budget. According to Cambridge Dictionary, Staycation is a holiday that you take at home or near your home rather than traveling to another place. The idea that people would stay in their country for holiday instead of traveling abroad. As most of countries are still closing their border and international travel are unlikely to resume any time soon, Staycation becoming an attractive alternative to vacation. 

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Some country already starting to promote their Staycation holiday and one of them is Singapore. On July 3rd, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) announced that hotels can now resume providing accommodation to guests for the purpose of leisure or Staycation! Hotels that wished to provide such accommodation for leisure must be listed under 'Staycation Approved'. They need to make sure to uphold good sanitation standard and hygiene practices before apply to Singapore Tourism Board in order to be in the list. 

After months being held at home because of Covid-19, home is not a really resting place anymore. People already anxious and needed a vacation. Staycation is a great way to release the tension but at the same time staying safe from being infected (provided we followed the guidelines given). Spend quality time with your family, friends or loved one at any hotel with spacious room or with great facilities such as pool, gym or spa. Take sometimes away from work and pamper yourself with calming treatment to the mind and soul.

How to booking hotel certified with Staycation Singapore? Yes, you can search it in online travel website. Nowadays there is so many online travel websites that can help you to search and find attractive places and good accommodation. One of them is Traveloka. Traveloka is an online travel company that provides airline ticketing and hotel booking online. They also provide lifestyles products and services, such as attraction tickets, activities, car rental and restaurant vouchers. You can easily book and plan your staycation.

That’s all for now. Have a great staycation and stay safe everyone!


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