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Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu revives the joy and spirit of togetherness with its Semarakkan Ramadan Sungkai Buffet featuring home-cooked dishes and traditional recipes shared by our local talents at the hotel's all-dining - Latest Recipe Restaurant.

According to the General Manager of Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu Kanit Sangmookda, 

The Semarakkan Ramadan was inspired by the concept of "togetherness" or "coming to eat together" particularly in Sabah. "Families, friends and even corporate organizations meet to break the fast together regardless of their race and beliefs" he said.

Malaysians are known for their open houses and "pot luck" culture where food is usually the heart of these gatherings. It is not a surprise to see the variety of dishes during these get-togethers, as it is a very Malaysian thing to do - bring a dish, or two, to share it with everyone because food always taste better when shared. 

"We at Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu wants to rekindle this joy and spirit of togetherness. We want to be the venue for families and friends to meet up and break their fast together. Our creative and passionate chefs at Le Méridien shares their favourite home-cooked meals and popular traditional recipes they inherited from their families or learn from the community they grew up in". Mr Kanit Sangmookda, GM of Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu

Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu hosted a Ramadan Preview for the local media and influencers last night. Among the highlights of the night was the "Ikan Tarajun" by Chef Gary Gideon Junior Sous Chef, a recipe he learned from his grandmother. "My grandmother will prepare this for us the grandchildren whenever we go visit her. It is a simple dish, but I am always reminded of her whenever I cook this", he said. Ikan Tarajun is a local braised fish dish with belacan, asam, serai and salt. "She will buy whatever freshwater fish that is available in the tamu like Lampam Jawa, Ikan Sepat, Ikan Karuk and Talapia. She always told us stories from her younger days, when food was scarce, the villagers will go fishing by the river and cook whatever fishes they caught in one big pot and everyone will share the meal together." Chef Gary who is also known for his local Sabahan dishes also prepared Masak Asam Seafood using young mango or asam kedondong for the natural sour flavour. "I visit the market every morning to get the fishes and other ingredients needed for my dishes so what I serve depends on whatever fresh ingredients I can get (from the market)", he added.

Chef De Cuisine Chef Shumizan Bin Mohd Ali always look forward to one special dish whenever he goes back to his hometown in Perak. "I don't remember all dishes my late grandmother used to make for us back then, but one I clearly remember is her "Daging Masak Hitam", he shared. "We used to balik kampung few days before Hari Raya just so we could have the dish for berbuka. Despite the large pot my grandma used to cook the dish, it will never last until Hari Raya. Even if it did, we will not serve it to the guests visiting the house," he mused. Chef Shumizan finally learned the recipe from his mother who inherited the recipe from his grandmother, and now "Daging Masak Hitam" is one of his popular signatures dishes.

Chef Shumizan is also in charge of the 13 traditional woks where he will alternate various gulai and curry dishes including Udang Masak Sambal Petai, Rendang Tok, Sambal Sotong, Puyuh Percik Golek as well as the infamous LMKK XXL Gearbox Soup.

There are few new additions to the buffet line-up this year including the Thai Journey corner, to celebrate the newly joined General Manager who is from Thailand. Savour the mouth-watering Mee Udang Galah Claypot Phee, Massamam Beef Curry, Som Tam and Pineapple Fried Rice supervised by Kanit himself.

General Manager of Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu Kanit Sangmookda

Do not forget to visit the Kedai Runcit for your favourite snacks and look out for those delightful knick-knacks that will bring you down memory lane.

The month-long Ramadan Buffet features 445 offerings including the all-time Ramadan favourites - LMKK's Signature Bubur Lambuk, Kambing Golek Power, Baked Big Fish, Lamb Briyani by Chef Tournent Chef Stephen Bitor, bakar-bakar station, the Chinese corner prepared by Chinese Chef Lum Kai Man and dessert wonderland of more than 100 sweet treats of local, cakes and more including Kurma Cake, LMKK Coconut Pudding as well as Ubi and Pisang Rebus prepared by Executive Pastry Chef Mohd Suffian bin Idrus and Chef Shazulyssa Junior Sous Chef Pastry.

Come and celebrate the spirit of togetherness with your family abd friends, with Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu Sungkai Buffet at RM168nett per adult and RM80nett per child from 5 to 12 years of age. Kids from 4 years of age and below eats for free.

The Early Bird Voucher is at RM128nett per adult (pre purchase before the month of Ramadan) and Prepaid Voucheris available at RM148nett per adult (pre purchase during the month of Ramadan). The hotel is also offer special discounts for selected card members.

For those who wish to host a "Berbuka Puasa" event, Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu offers three delicious menu packages from RM78nett per person onwards. You can also complement this wonderful experience with a whole roasted lamb at RM1,800nett served with mashed potatoes, coleslaw, black pepper sauce, garlic sauce, mint jelly.

For more information, please contact +6088 322 238 or log in to their Facebook at


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