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Thursday, November 27, 2008

A 'free' advertisement for Jerneh Insurance Berhad...

It's almost 4 years i been a part of Jerneh's Family...Jerneh Insurance Kota Kinabalu...situated at 2nd Floor, Golden Screen Cinema Building...cinema? panggung wayang? well everyone know got 1 old 'panggung wayang' near Kampung Air area but everyone including me lah didn't know that inside the wayang building got an 'active' office (except for wayang office lah).....I'm still remember the day that I been called for an interview..'berpeluh2' to find this office...to be honest actually before this I never know or heard about this insurance company...all I know is Kurnia or MNI (now change to Etiqa)....sori lah Mr.CEO...he he....
Actually JIB is same with other general insurance's company...selling Motor insurance, Fire, Personal Accident, Liability and etc....but the different is...I was working here... he he..so my bloggers fren if you want to by insurance please buy from Jerneh Insurance Berhad....

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