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SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE | Youthful and Luminous Skin with Powerful Ingredients

Entering age of 40 same as you going to a new world with various of challenges. There so much you need to take care of, your health, financial, family, relationship with our God (no need to mention actually ).... And most important thing to women.. Hehe her skin.

Me at age of 40.. Yup wrinkles has appeared on my forehead πŸ˜…

Actually I'm not a makeup person also not a person who really take care of her skin. πŸ˜… My daily basic skin care is only Face Wash, twice a week I will use the Face Scrub to remove the dead skin. But in the age of 40, I cannot practice the same routine. I need to start to take seriously on my skin care routine.  As everyone know, in the age of 40.. our skin turnover rate has slowed, wrinkles appears in some area in our face such as our forehead, around the eyes and mouth. It is time for me to thinking about anti-aging skin care products. Thinking and start searching for it.. πŸ˜…

Nowadays there are many skin care product in the market. Its up to you to choose which one is suitable with your skin. My skin a bit sensitive to certain product so I bit fussy when come to selection of skin care product. As I'm using some of Safi Product now, Face Cleanser and the Moisturising Day Cream.. I think better for me to take a look of their anti-aging skin care product.

Safi Youth Radiance - New anti-aging skin care product from Safi

And lucky for me, Safi just launched their new anti-aging skin care product - Safi Youth Radiance. 2 in 1 treatment comprising of Essence and Serum Infused Moisturiser provides skin with Anti-Aging and Whitening benefits. Ok no need to wait, bought 1 set of this skin care product which cost me RM55.90 for 100ML Safi Youth Radiance Anti-Aging And Whitening Essence and RM55.90 40G Safi Youth Radiance Serum Infused Moisturiser.

Before using any product its important to us to get know the contains. Both product contain Saffron Extract as a main ingredient. Its potent antioxidant and got anti-aging benefits which is good to reduce my wrinkles.. 😁Beside that, the essence and serum also contains Lipo Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Vita-B3. And most important is, this product was Halal Certified by Jakim.

How to use it? Simple.. Just follow the direction written on the packaging box.

Apply on freshly-cleansed skin and neck. Gentle massage in circular motion until fully absorbed into skin. 

Oh Ya! Where to get it? Safi Youth Radiance is available in Watsons, Guardian and Aeon Wellness. 

Can't wait to use this new anti-aging product and share the result πŸ˜‰. See you all on the next entry. 


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    1. Hi cikgu zim...saya pun gunakan safi youth radiance tapi umur saya dah 46

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  8. Great post Mia Kassim. You published a meaningful and useful content regarding our skin care particularly after the age of 40. You are quite right after 40 we have to face so many health hazard issues including our important organ skin. So, regardless to say, you delivered an awesome project for all the users here. I was impressed see how you maintained your skin care routine. Anti-aging products can help surely but the tough task is finding the perfect matching one as our skin obviously vary form person to person. Anyway, glad to about the Safi's skin care products and maybe I have to check out them if they still available in the market especially online. I can also share my skin care support that is CV Skincare Labs. They have numerous products that actually come from after a long professional research and relentless work by their skilled team. To improve skin radiance you can enjoy their product and hassle free support.. Thanks for sharing your precious content.

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