KOTA KINABALU (11 DECEMBER 2019) – In a fundraising effort to support the Ara Dinawan Island Coral Reef Conservation Programme, the Hyatt Regency Kinabalu team crafted a 1270.55-metre-long Yule log cake.

Executive Sous Chef Adrian Chong led the project, together with Head of Pastry Chef, Ismail Saidan, assisted by his team of pastry chefs and 20 culinary pastry students from Asian Tourism International College of Kota Kinabalu.

Ismail Saidan, Chef De Cuisine - Pastry and Adrian Chong, Executive Sous Chef with the longest yule log cake 

The team worked for five days to complete the project– from the production of the first sponge cake batter, chocolate filling and ganache frosting, rolling of the sponge cakes to the required shapes and setting them up on the tables, to finally applying the resulting Yule log cake’s Christmas-themed decoration.

The 1270.55-metre-long Yule log cake was assembled using ingredients that included 700 kilograms (kg) of sponge mix chocolate, 150 kg of eggs, 170 litres of cooking oil, 125 kg of butter, 350 kg of dark chocolates, 350 litres of whipping cream, 50 kg sugar, 5 kg of cocoa powder and 30 kg of snow icing sugar giving its overall weight of 1930kg.

Hyatt's Longest Yule Log at 1270.55 metres

In line with our Hygiene and Food Safety regulations the hotel has gone through strict guidelines to ensure that the Yule logs are prepared in a sanitized environment following Food Safety and HACCP regulations.

Public were invited to Kimanis Ballroom at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu at 4:00 PM to witness and have a photo session with the longest Yule log cake in the world. Director of Food and Beverage Daryl Thong gave a description of the yule log to all visitors and about the project journey.  

Official measuring in progress 

“I am absolutely delighted that we are able to end the year with this historic achievement. Our team has worked day and night to ensure we break the current world record for the longest Yule log. I encourage the public to support us for the good cause as these Yule logs are available for purchase and proceeds from this initiative will help to fund our charity programme”, said Daryl Thong.

After the event, the majority of the cake was put up for sale to the public for MYR 10 per 10 centimetres. Some of the proceeds will be donated to the Coral Reef Conservation programme at Ara Dinawan Island.

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