OLAY Aquaction


Get 24 hour hydration for ‘Pump Pump’ bouncy skin with Hydralock technology absorbs water from the air! Check out the new skincare range from Olay.

OLAY AQUACTION™ had its beginning in Japan where Hydralock Technology* was invented. Inspired by the legendary beauty of Yang Guifei, our scientists discovered WSK** which was a must have in her skin care regimen. 

WSK** has been tested to outperform Hyaluronic Acid, ingredient that was thought to be the gold standard of hydration, on water-holding capability^. Now you too can have ‘Pump Pump’ bouncy skin for 24 hours^^.

*use night and day
# Softening Sleeping Mask and Intensive Nourishing Emulsion.
** WSK refers to Tremella fuciformis (Mushroom) Extract.
^ Based on in-vitro test. Molecular weight of Hyaluronic Acid used is 530,000 to 1,330,000.
^^ Use night and day. Based on hydrated skin test in clinic of P&G with female 24 subjects by P&G, China, in Nov 2011
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