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‘Jom Makan’ At Hilton Kota Kinabalu

Assalamualaikum | SABAH, Malaysia – 4 May 2018 – Celebrate the month of Ramadan with Hilton Kota Kinabalu in its ‘Jom Makan’ Iftar buffet dining from 17 May until 14 June 2018 at Urban Kitchen.

Break-fast with plentiful array of local and international selections such as chicken in spicy tomato sauce, chicken and beef satay and the signature dishes; the venison ‘rendang’ and spicy-sour lamb shank in its traditional Malay section while the Indian section features the highly sought after ‘murgh makhani’, ‘paneer kadai’ and lamb ‘saagwala’.

Popular selections in the Chinese section include Shanghai shrimp and seafood dumplings, hot and sour Szechuan soup, ‘loh mai kai’, roasted barbecue chicken and sesame roasted duck.
The main attractions throughout the fasting month are the grilled selections such as the roasted beef prime ribs on the bone, barbecued marinated beef spare ribs including Middle Eastern favourites such as whole lamb on spit, ‘baklava’ assortment and ‘om ali’.

Emphasizing the Ramadan offer is the ‘warung balik kampung’, an outdoor stall that is set up at the hotel’s port cochere and designed to mimic a coffee shop typically found in traditional villages. Serving an array of durian themed delicacies such as the king of fruits, durian ice cream, durian fritters and others on a rotation and availability basis, the stall is aimed at providing patrons an experience akin to being in an actual hut-like establishment where they can enjoy the daily selections on display or simply relax to a glass of teh Tarik. .

The hotel’s ‘Jom Makan’ Iftar buffet is available from 6.24pm until 10.30pm at RM158 nett per adult. Children below the age of five years old eats for free while those under 12 years old enjoy 50% discount. Save more by grabbing the early bird offer available until 14 May 2018 at RM128 nett per person. For discounts on the non-early bird special price, enjoy 25% off your total bill in asingle receipt when dining in a table of 10 adults and above or 15% off when paying using selected Malaysian issued credit cards.

For further enquiries or reservations on the hotel’s Ramadan offers, please call 088 356 056 or email


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