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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Update with Samsung Galaxy SPlus....

Its been a month didnt update my blog....BUSY!!!! is the best reason why my blog almost full with a spider web...(perumpamaanlah tu kunu)....today with my limited free time (ini pun curi curi tulang masa keja) i try to update my blog through my samsung (kunun test test blehkah tidak...)...actually a bit challenging coz when there a incoming call appeared on hp screen, i will mistakenly closed my blog then have to start from beginning again...and at last i managed to post via my samsung smart phone...kunun minta puji sekejap.....('-')


  1. wah ada new gadget sudah o si mia..heheheh

  2. ya bah cath...jan ko kasi ketawa sa a'a....lama suda sya beli bulan 12 tu lagi kunun...tp blum bpa pandai lg guna...


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